A Mixing Pot of Poems for Thought: Why I Wrote It

I began writing A Mixing Pot of Poems for Thought well before I knew I was writing a book. These poems started as a personal mode of self-reflection for me, but grew into a way of passing on important messages and emotions to those I cared about, and later became something I felt was worth showing to the world. 

You might think it’s funny that I chose to self-reflect from an early age through rhyming poetry, but in truth it was always what helped me digest things the easiest. Rhyming was not only a form of expression for me, but a deeper challenge: piecing words together with a set rhythm and sound. However, it was a challenge I always embraced, and that allowed me to expand my thinking in unique ways— each poem taught me something new. 

The words in this book are a culmination of many years of my own life experiences. They represent the many lessons I have learned over the years, the two most important being: 1) we are all tied together by how we feel and see the world, and 2) much of our happiness is contingent on our ability to understand both ourselves and other people, simultaneously.

My hope for this book is that everyone who reads it can find a piece of themselves in my words.